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TP 125 Double-stage Flake Water Ring Cutting Granulator(plastic waste recycling and pelletizing)



Granulator Series

Summary:The company operates a complete range of products, including granulators, extruders, pulverizers, mills, chillers, automatic feeding machines...


Basic parameters

Yield 280-300kg/H
Granulation mode Water ring cutting
Total power 207kw
Average energy consumption Electricity consumption per ton of material is between 220-250 degrees Celsius
water consumption About 1 ton of circulating cold water per day
Screw material 38crMOAL nitriding
Equipment size 5500*1200*1200mm
frigidarium  2.5 * 0.5 * 0.25 meter curved water tank
Drying machine Stainless steel, 5.5 kW
Water pump power 1.8kw water pump
Feeding fan 2.2kw
Silo Stainless steel, 2700 * 1300 * 1300mm
Hopper capacity 500kg


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