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HD granulator



Granulator Series

Summary:The company operates a complete range of products, including granulators, extruders, pulverizers, mills, chillers, automatic feeding machines...


Model OutputKg/h Avg. Power ConsumptionKwh/ton Total PowerKw Machine Sizem/㎡) Machine WeightKg Extruding MotorKw Reducer Screw Dia.mm InverterKw Cutting MotorKw BlowerKw Cooling Cabinet Storage tank
HD-75 30~60 200~250 ~13 3x1x2m   3 620 11 146 75 11   0.75    
HD-110 80~130 200~250 ~45 5x2.5x2.5m   10 2300 37 200 110 37 0.75 0.75x1   1.5x3 2 1
HD-150 150~230 200~250 ~65 5x2.5x2.5m   10  3900 55 250 150 55   0.75x2   1.5x3 2 1


Suitable for all kinds of LDPE, HDPE, CPE, PVC, TPU, PLA, Biodegradable plastic, and etc.

Machine Advantages

1、Eco pelletizing Smokeless and odorless Air cooled

Eco-friendly granulation design, strong air cooling system, no need for water cooling, smokeless and odorless, no pollution during recy- cling granulation process.

2、Low-temp processing, Keeping properties Reusable pellets

Adopting low-temp pelletizing technology, no changing recycled material properties, output high-quality pellets, which can be mixed with the virgin pellets in a high ratio to produce qualified film again.

3、Boot on demand Intuitive to use Small area occupation

Designed with easy-to-use in consideration, whenever you need it   to do the recycling, or whenever you need to stop the machine, just  a few buttons to click

4、One-time investment    Reduce cost    No scraps wasted

One-time machine investment, helping reducing the raw material cost, and increase profit, no more scraps and leftovers piled up waiting for being processed.




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