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TP 150 Double-stage Flake Water Ring Cutting Granulator(plastic waste recycling and pelletizing)



Granulator Series

Summary:The company operates a complete range of products, including granulators, extruders, pulverizers, mills, chillers, automatic feeding machines...


Basic parameters

Yield 450-500kg/H
Granulation mode Water ring cutting
Total power 283 KW
Average energy consumption Electricity consumption per ton between 350 and 400 degrees Celsius
water consumption About 1.5 tons of circulating cold water per day
Screw material 38crMOAL nitriding
Equipment size 6500*1200*1500MM
frigidarium  2.5 * 0.5 * 0.25 meter curved water tank
Water pump power 1.8 kW water pump
Feeding fan 2.2kw
Silo Stainless steel, 2700 * 1300 * 1300mm
Hopper capacity 500kg


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