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MF-500 Grinding Disc Mill(milling,pulverizer,grinder)



Mill Series

Summary:The company operates a complete range of products, including granulators, extruders, pulverizers, mills, chillers, automatic feeding machines...


Performance parameters

Main engine

The main shaft adopts NSK bearings imported from Japan, and the long-term operation of the main shaft is protected by air cooling and water cooling.

Main motor



It is divided into upper and lower layers, and the vibration motor is 0.75kw

Induced draft fan


Turn off the fan

Volume 5L, motor power 1.1kw

Vibrating feeder

Electromagnetic vibration, freely adjustable speed

Electric control box

The electrical switch brand is the general "DELIXI"

Grinding disc

SKD-11 material imported from Japan. The diameter of the grinding disc is 510mm.

Cyclone separator

500mm diameter, separate material and dust

Dust collector

The square dust collector collects and consumes the strong wind and some impurities discharged from the fan by rotating the impact on the body to avoid resonance and reduce noise.


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