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Screw Stylle Chillers



Chiller Series

Summary:The company operates a complete range of products, including granulators, extruders, pulverizers, mills, chillers, automatic feeding machines...


The main units of the SFS-xxS series central cooling water system all use semi enclosed twin-screw compressors imported from Germany, which have excellent technical characteristics and are divided into single compressors and double compressors

There are two types of compressors. And suitable for various refrigerants such as R22, R407, R134a, etc.

The high-efficiency horizontal shell and tube condenser and evaporator both have the "BRl" national pressure vessel manufacturing license, with stable heat exchange and convenient maintenance.

Advanced microcomputer controller with powerful functions, using high-speed embedded microprocessors, with much higher performance than single chip machines used in similar products.


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